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I’m Bola and I love supporting people just like you to conquer your fears and follow your dreams. I’ve been a writer (for over 20 years), a travel writer and content creator (since 2014.) A home grown Londoner working with people and organisations. I offer a combination of travel and well-being tips so you can have a fulfilling journey. Raring to share those hidden parts of the capital with you.

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Choosing Your Medical Practitioner: Things to Consider

Finding a doctor or specialist that meets all your needs and care expectations can be challenging, but with some research and careful thought, you can find someone that suits you perfectly. Consider qualifications, experience, safety protocols, communication skills, and cost when making this important decision.

8 Ways To Stay Safe On Modern London Buses

Watch out for the blind, guide dogs, pets, the elderly, parents with young children and the disabled! We must show consideration for them. When the bus arrives at your stops, it's worth showing respect to other passengers. London buses are unique, especially with the electric powered double decker bus with a sunroof and mobile phone charging ports, like the number 63 bus route.

Visit Marolambo National Park

If you want to see and appreciate the beautiful landscape of the National Park of Marolambo, make a pledge not to miss this golden opportunity. Visit Madagascar to see this beautiful landscape. Interestingly, the plants are numerous and this stunning site is rich in orchids and epiphytes, with various trees, shrubs and lianas.

5 Reasons To Work On Your Posture

Poor posture doesn't just affect how we look - it affects how we move too! Sitting or standing with poor form for long periods puts unnecessary strain on our joints and muscles, leading to long-term problems, such as joint degeneration or chronic muscle tightness/tension if left unchecked for too long.

Kirindy Reserve Is The Center Of Endemism In Madagascar

In this park, a particular ecosystem flourishes, it is the mangrove. Apart from that, among this fauna, there is an opportunity to see different animals like more species of fish, crustaceans, other shellfish and birds. As for the flora, it includes 7 of the 8 species of mangroves,which is present on this huge Island.

Looking After Your Health Is One Of The Most Important Things You Can Do

It’s important that you are constantly thinking about the amount of physical activity that you are completing and what kind of impact this is having on your body. Of course, we’re not saying that you have to head out and join a gym if you don’t want to as this isn’t for everyone, but there are other ways to remain active.

A Panoramic View Of Madagascar

Mont Passot is surrounded by magnificent little blue lakes. Rest assure, this location is attractive and you will no doubt have a great adventure with your loved ones. After a short hike, enjoy the fresh air around the lake and don’t forget your camera to capture those memorable moments.

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