3 Great Contemplative Exercises To Try On Your Travels

3 Great Contemplative Exercises to Try on Your Travels

3 Great Contemplative Exercises to Try on Your Travels

Throughout history, people have sought to transform their lives, and their consciousness, for the better by going on great journeys to new locations.

Often, it’s not even the destination that is really the point, but rather the journey itself – such as in the case of pilgrimages people have made, and continue to make, to holy shrines and sites.

Of course, if you really want your travel experience to be as deep and transformative as possible, you can expect to gain a lot by implementing certain contemplative exercises while on the road, or in your new surroundings.

Here are three great contemplative exercises to try on your travels.

Daily journaling about your recent experiences

Journaling is an excellent way of having a conversation with yourself, reflecting on your experiences, pinpointing things that seem especially relevant, and helping to refine your thoughts about any given topic in question.

When you’re travelling, taking up a practice of daily journaling helps you not only to work through your own thoughts and preoccupations, but also helps you to keep a record of your experiences that you can look back on and appreciate years down the line.

Photographs can be great, but a photo doesn’t necessarily capture the small details of an experience, or a day, in the same way as a written journal entry does.

While journaling, you may find that you end up answering some questions that have been on your mind for a while, or that other, more meaningful questions, arise.

Planning for the future, from the ‘distance’ and ‘perspective’ that being out of the house gives you

Planning for the future is often not a particularly easy thing to do, partially because we generally try to organise our thoughts about situations which we are currently in the middle of, which then makes it difficult to get the right level of distance and perspective needed in order to make deep and effective plans.

One of the great things about travel is that it takes you out of your usual environment, meaning that it can also help to give you a greater sense of “space” and “distance” from your usual concerns, thoughts, and viewpoints.

The end effect of this is that you can often plan things out much more meaningfully, and much more clearly, when you are away from home.

So, do some brainstorming about the way you want your future to be and decide on the next steps to take, whether that means booking an appointment with Bowralstreetdentalpractice.com.au, or beginning to retrain for a new career?

Starting each day with a bit of silence and meditation, and then greet the day’s experiences without excess expectations 

Mindfulness meditation has been growing in popularity in recent times, with research coming out to back the claims that it can really help people to de-stress, and to gain a greater degree of calm and mental clarity.

By starting your days, while travelling, with a period of meditation or some other practice that helps you to experience a bit of silence and stillness, you’ll be able to greet the day from a much more clear-headed perspective.

Then, you can greet the day’s experiences head-on and with a sense of interest, rather than with excess expectations.

What great contemplative exercises would you try on your travels? Drop me a line as always. Create memorable trips.