Habits & Practices That Keep Travel Feeling Fresh

Fresh Content: Habits & Practices That Keep Travel Feeling Fresh

Habits & Practices That Keep Travel Feeling Fresh

Seasoned travelers will often understand that sometimes, there can be a thing as too much wanderlust. Even the most energetic and intrepid explorer will find themselves burned out from too much movement and activity – travel is hard on the body and mind, no matter how enjoyable it is. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll slowly degenerate if you travel too much. Quite the opposite. But it does mean you need to know how to take care of yourself, and properly.

So, what habits and practices can help travel stay fresh? What can perk up your mindset, and grant you energy, and help you overcome the regular jet lag you may otherwise be facing? Well, the first step is to understand that you are vulnerable even when healthy, and must practice a form of self-care to keep you going.

Finding the self-care avenue of your choice is where the fun begins. As a result, we have decided to bring together three habits and practices you’re likely to get the most use out of, and we hope they help:


Yoga can help you feel fresh and active. It helps you work out the kinks of your day. It allows you to feel more at peace with yourself. It helps you reflect on your day. All of this is portable, free, enjoyable, and a great means of contending with the odd vices you may enjoy on vacation, such as eating out heartily, or getting little exercise at the side of a pool.

Yoga mats can be easily transported and used in any small space. This gives you the chance to feel more connected with your adventure.


Not many people decide to travel abroad for exercise, but that can be an intrinsic part of managing your health while there. A few stretches and bodyweight exercises in the morning can help you keep your waistline trim, your body in shape, and you feeling physically healthy. It’s no wonder how many people feel that this gives them a chance to shine and feel more motivated each day. It’s not hard to feel lethargic after drinking alcohol, or eating plenty, or simply relaxing around your hotel. Exercises help you stay alert, upright, and interested in making the most of each day.

Reading & Online Culture

It can be nice to read in the mornings of your vacations. Reading your brochure, or a local tourist guide, or a book of the local history, or perhaps heading online and speaking to those who live there through services like Reddit can help you understand how to move forward in the best possible instance.

This helps you feel connected, and it gives you a sense of context about the location you’re currently part of. It may help you feel more in-line with the goings-on of the area, help you find the best places to eat, or simply refresh your mind each morning with excitement.

With this advice, we hope you can employ some habits and practices that will properly keep traveling feeling fresh. 

Do you have any habits and practices that keep travel feeling fresh? Drop me a line as always.