Hired Barclays  Bike in Hyde Park, London

Hired Barclays Bike in Hyde Park, London

Recently,  I hired a Barclays Bike for the very first time ever and guess what? I only paid £2 for 24 hours, even though I didn’t need to hire for 24 hours. The bike felt a lot different from my regular bike, even though I thought it would be heavy, it was quite comfortable to ride. Seemed to have a shock absorber because each time a rode on to a bump, the journey remained smooth. More of a reason why Hiring a Barclays Bike in Hyde Park, London was the best decision ever!

So what made me choose this option? Simply fancied a change and recently I’ve been inspired seeing cyclists riding these amazing bikes on London’s roads.

Before setting out make sure you’ve packed your travel card, bus pass and a debit card or credit card, a bottle of drinking water and a helmet!

On arrival at Hyde Park (situated in Central London), look out for the Barclays Bike Docking Station. Found one at the entrance to the Park. Go to the ticket machine next to the docking station to choose your desired time scale for hiring and make your payment using a debit or credit card, then collect your receipt.

Barclays Bike Docking Station

Barclays Bike Docking Station


Barclays Bike Ticket

Barclays Bike Ticket

Once you’ve obtained your ticket, your are good to go!

I rode from the entrance of Hyde Park Corner, along the bank of the Serpentine Lake where I could see sunbathers on sun loungers, ducks quacking and rivets on the lake, then on to Knightsbridge and finally back to the docking station.

The benefits of hiring a Barclays Bike is that it enables those who can’t afford a bike of their own, the opportunity to ride one. They are ideal for short journeys, are a quicker way to travel around London, ozone friendly, affordable and you get the added health benefit of a work out.

You don’t have to ride on a main road if you don’t want to because Hyde Park has cycle lanes, that accommodate Barclays Bike. But if you can’t ride a bike, it might just be a good idea to learn how to cycle.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a companion either because there were cyclists cycling like myself having fun riding Barclays Bikes and having a great time as well. There were people of various age groups, like pensioners, groups of young adults, teens and families cycling.