How Practicing Tai Chi Can Work Wonders For Your Health

You have probably seen images of people practising Tai Chi before. You might have even been mesmerised by the beautiful synchronised movements and seemingly effortless flow of the martial art. Tai Chi is described by the NHS as being a sport, which ‘combines relaxation with flowing movements.’ Indeed, similar to yoga, Tai Chi is an ancient practice which dates back to thirteenth century China! Focusing on the body as the centre for peace and gravity, Tai Chi has become a world-renowned practice, which helps many people find inner peace, as well as using their bodies in concentrated exercise.

How Practising Tai Chi Can Work Wonders For Your Health

How Practising Tai Chi Can Work Wonders For Your Health


So how could Tai Chi work wonders for your health? Read on to find out!

Battling Anxiety

Many people swear by Tai Chi as being a healing practice which helps them to battle anxiety. According to Mind, one of the UK’s biggest mental health charities, one in six people around the UK experience anxiety. Anxiety can produce a faster heart rate, feeling incapable of doing basic things without excessive worrying, lost sleep, reduced social skills and self-sabotaging in work environments. If you experience anxiety, in whatever severity, perhaps Tai Chi can help you.

Tai Chi involves performing a series of movements, shapes made with your body, in flow with others. Not only this, but it combines these movements with the inhalation and exhalation of your breath. This combination of focused, calm movement in synchronicity with the breath can help soothe the mind, calm the body and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Movement For Arthritis Or Other Mobility Problems

If you have arthritis or have other issues with mobility such as an injury, chronic pain or disability, Tai Chi can be extremely transformative. The gentle but controlled movements build strength and core muscles while avoiding any vigorous or joint pressuring moves which occur in more aggressive sports, such as running. If you experience joint pain, chronic illness or chronic pain, or have a disability, Tai Chi could be a sport, which helps you build strength and move your body in a healthy way, without increasing pain.

Mind and Body Connectivity

If you work in a stressful job or have a full-on schedule, which leaves you little time for yourself, practising Tai Chi can help you reconnect the mind with the body. Often, we live inside our minds day-to-day, paying very little attention to how our body is feeling. This can result in muscle tension, poor posture, and ignoring any potential issues, which can occur in your physical health.

Tai Chi forces you to use both your body and your mind to steady your breath and become at peace while performing the movements. This can help you connect your mind and your body; feeling centred and at ease and listening to what is happening within.

If you want to learn more about how Tai Chi can work wonders for your health, and perhaps even attend classes, find out how at Our world is worrying and stressful, so finding a practice, which supports your mind and body is highly important for all of us.

I know that Tai Chi has helped my mental health and has put a smile on my face. I have been practicing this sport since 2009 and it has been incorporated into my Body balance and Yoga sessions. Something magical happens when you practice Tai Chi. Believe it, I find myself amused during my workout and I’m glad this practice has helped me.

Have you ever tried doing Tai Chi at home online, in a fitness class or while on holiday? Has it helped you in any way? Drop me a line as always.