How To Limit The Chances Of Your Trip Being Cancelled During Covid

How To Limit The Chances Of Your Trip Being Cancelled During Covid

How To Limit The Chances Of Your Trip Being Cancelled During Covid

As a traveller, you have an urge to explore and see the world. So, Covid can be tricky for you because you want to go away, yet you don’t want to take an unnecessary risk. However, if the opportunity presents itself, you’d be happy to give it a whirl and book a flight. It’s a tricky balancing act, one that millions of people are attempting to figure out worldwide, but it stems on a single aspect – cancellations. If you can limit the odds of your trip being cancelled or postponed, you could be able to enjoy a getaway and indulge your wanderlust. Here’s what to keep in mind.

Check The FCDO Website

The Foreign Commonwealth  & Development Office website provides information on a host of different topics, including the entry requirements for countries and nations outside of the UK. Therefore, the first thing you can do is check the site to see if the restrictions warrant picking a new destination. For example, if the advice is not to travel, you can guess that the Covid situation isn’t good, so the chances of a cancellation are higher than usual.

Take A Test

Probably the best way to ensure you can travel is to find out whether you have the virus. You can then rest easy knowing that you won’t be turned away at the airport or border. A fit to fly test is perfect as it does exactly what it says on the tin, and you can have the results in a matter of days. Plus, you can carry your certificate to show the relevant authorities should they question you at any point. Considering most tests are verified by independent bodies, it should be enough to prove you adhere to the new travel rules and regulations.

Pick A Travel Corridor

With the uncertainty, it’s impossible to tell whether your destination will be safe from cancellations. Still, you can improve the odds by picking a country within the travel corridor legislation set out by the government. The level of choice is narrow, yet it’s better than booking a flight to an exotic location, only to find out the airline isn’t going to confirm the flight in time. There are regular additions to the list, so there will (hopefully) be a place you wish to explore or are willing to return to.

Don’t Buy A Package Deal

Package deals are fine for people who want extra protection. However, if you are happy to travel and make your own way when you land, you should avoid mixing flights and accommodation. This is because the agreement is void if either is cancelled. Seen as airlines are desperate to return to normal, only booking a return flight will give you more options if there is a scare. It goes without saying that you must be comfortable with the situation. If you prefer a safety net, a package is the way to go. You should focus on transport if you would rather try it and see.

Remember that there are no guarantees right now. However, you can limit the damage thanks to the options above.

If you are still unsure check out the UK Foreign travel advice to put your mind at rest.

Would you travel with restrictions in place and uncertainty or take a risk and go to your destination anyway? Drop me a line or two as always.