Incentivising Yourself To Travel More In the Post-Coronavirus Era

The first wave of Covid-19 is hopefully over, but the fallout will impact various aspects of our lives for a long time to come. Travel is one issue that will naturally encounter a number of new obstacles that may lead to severe hesitation. While those apprehensions are understandable, vacations deliver some of the best moments in our lives. Therefore, you cannot afford to keep missing out.

After all, this has been an immensely testing period in our lives. Creating those magical memories is one of the best ways to make up for lost time. However, as with many aspects of life, it may be necessary to create a ‘new norm’. Here are 10 ways to motivate yourself into taking the trips you deserve.

Incentivising Yourself To Travel More In the Post-Coronavirus Era

Incentivising Yourself To Travel More In the Post-Coronavirus Era


#1. Understand The Health Benefits

Vacations are essential for your physical and mental wellbeing. After being stuck indoors for so long, the chance to break away from the stresses of modern life has never been more welcome. You need to reward yourself for coping with the struggles of the past few months, and holidays are the ideal answer. Exploring new territories or revisiting your favourite locations will restore your smile. Meanwhile, the break from your daily surroundings can stop you from falling into a personal Groundhog Day scenario. Likewise, fresh air and exercise are great for your general health.

Now more than ever, vacations should play an important role in leading a healthy and balanced life. Even if the types of holiday that you take will need to evolve, the health rewards should motivate you. Nothing is more important than your wellbeing.


#2. Focus On Domestic Trips

While flights are permitted once more, the harsh reality is that airports may be the biggest risk of all. It is possible to reduce those threats by wearing the appropriate facemasks. Still, the best way to sidestep this issue is to focus on UK adventures. There are plenty of great road trips waiting to be explored, which gives you the perfect excuse to visit your nearest Vauxhall dealer. The prospect of combining amazing short breaks with a new car that will enhance daily life is very exciting.

One of the great things about travel by car is that you have control over the holiday. If you need to return home for whatever reason, linked to the coronavirus or not, it can be achieved. Likewise, if you experience any illness symptoms, medical care is readily available.


#3. Enjoy Self-Discovery

Under normal circumstances, it’s likely that you’ll holiday with a group of friends or several families. Even if the worst of the coronavirus is (hopefully) behind us, you must be careful about the numbers. As such, this could be the perfect time to enjoy a little solo travel. The self-discovery opportunities are incredible, while it also puts you in control of the entire trip. Unlike usual, where you have to compromise and build a schedule that works for everyone, this is a chance to be a little selfish. This will allow you to do the things you want like never before.

The fact of the matter is that solo travel will teach many valuable life lessons, not least in relation to what you can achieve. This may be your one chance to experience this different style of vacationing. Do not let it slip past you.

Frog farewell

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#4. Look For Outdoor Adventures

Even as social distancing rules are relaxed, the thought of visiting inside tourist attractions is a little worrying. After all, there’s nowhere for viruses to go, which may put you at greater risk of infection. Conversely, though, outside attractions will give you a chance to steer clear of larger crowds. For example, music festivals allow you to enjoy great weather and bands while staying distanced. Simply stop flocking to the front of the stage and make it your job to admire the atmosphere from the peripherals. It’s a chance to experience your hobbies in a new way.

Plenty of tourist attractions are external too. From statues and landmarks to famous cycle paths and horizons, those adventures are perfect for the next couple of years. Alternatively, lounging by the pool can be great too.


#5. Focus On Private Accommodation

With one eye on social distancing once more, the thought of staying in a busy hotel may be a cause for concern. Thankfully, you can find private villas in virtually any popular destination. This allows you to maintain your safety and enjoy luxury home comforts. Many holidaymakers find that this solution delivers the best experiences anyway. However, the impacts of Covid-19 make it the perfect time for villa virgins to finally take the leap of faith. Due to the reduced demand compared to previous years, it’s likely that you’ll secure a better deal too.

An alternative option is to buy a timeshare in a property. If you tend to visit the same destination each year, this can be a great option for your finances. A static mobile home is another possible solution that encourages you to take short trips to a nearby spot.


#6. Get Fitter

As already mentioned, holidays promote a range of health benefits. You could see decreased stress levels, lower blood pressure, and improved heart health. However, many vacations will additionally support your bid to get fit. Some people will invest in the Nike Vaporfly shoes and use a holiday to explore new places by running. Others will look to trekking, cycling, water sports, and other methods. Either way, burning extra calories and working your muscles will boost your fitness. Especially given that the gyms have been closed for months.

It’s not always necessary to take a fitness retreat or yoga holiday to see those physical rewards. Just be sure to stay active while you’re away, and fitness levels will climb. In turn, you should witness a range of lasting rewards that influence your daily lifestyle.

Running long distance

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#7. Monetise Your Adventures

Most people are faced with tighter funds than before. Sadly, the luxury of holidays is often the prime candidate for the chop. Thankfully, there is a solution that will enable you to enjoy guilt-free vacations. Monetising your travels can manifest itself in many ways. Blogging and vlogging are perhaps the most common solutions. Other options, such as completing research for travel firms or arranging excursions for groups, may work too. The latter options will require a lot of research, though, which is why content is probably your best friend.

In some cases, travel enthusiasts have carved out full-time careers as content creators and influencers. Even if you do not reach this level, it may be possible to cover the cost of your trips. If this doesn’t inspire you to take more trips, what will?


#8. Think About The Savings

Staying with the financial aspects, the cost of vacations is often determined by supply and demand. Consequently, then, you may now have an opportunity to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime luxury at a more affordable price. Whether it’s a ski adventure or another type of holiday doesn’t matter. The cheaper pricing may be coupled with reduced capacities. As such, you can spend more time on the slopes (or equivalent for other holiday types) and less time in lines. Even the trips to Disneyland and similar venues can deliver the results you crave.

Some precautions may still be required to enjoy the destinations in a safe manner. Still, a 33% saving on the luxury vacation can make you feel far less negative about the temporary 10% salary cut you experienced due to COVID-19.


#9. Improve Your Relationship

The lockdown rules have put a strain on many relationships. You were either unable to see each other for several weeks, or forced to spend virtually every second with each other. Neither solution is very healthy for your relationship. The opportunity to get away and invest time into your love is a special thing. There has never been a better time for a romantic vacation, as it can truly restore the health of your bond. Both physically and mentally. Whether you’ve been married for decades or relatively new lovers doesn’t matter. The rewards are clear.

Your relationship is one of the key features that has got you through this difficult period. If a vacation can allow you to celebrate this in style, it’s vital that you grab this opportunity with both hands. You owe it to your partner as well as yourself.


#10. Start A New Chapter


The lockdown hasn’t been easy on anyone. However, the fact that you’ve come through it is something that should be celebrated. Booking a holiday is the perfect way to draw a line under this difficult few months. A wonderful holiday can renew your sense of optimism and prepare you for the challenges ahead. Whether you plan to seek a promotion at work or resume your path to progress in other parts of your life, this is the time to do it. The vacation even offers a chance to write down your action plan before you return home to start the process.

Ultimately, then, the benefits gained from a vacation at this time are plentiful. Whether you suffered cancelled holidays due to the pandemic or just feel the need to inject some positivity doesn’t matter. Those magical moments are the least you deserve.

Are you ready to incentivise yourself to travel more in the post-coronavirus era? I know I am and a solo break will not go amiss. Drop me a line as always.