My workout Gear

My Workout Gear

As a fitness enthusiast, I enjoy various activities no matter what the weather. Could be Pilates one day or Body Balance the next. These workouts just make me feel good and help boost my spirit and energy.

Sometimes I’m completely lost without my regular weekend work out. Don’t know how I’ll survive without fitness. As it’s difficult to stick to a timetable, I always change what I do to avoid boredom.

Usually start with Stretches and then I’ll move on to Cardio, this means I’ll go on the treadmill, Cross Trainer and Cycling Machine for 15 minutes each. Then I’m off onto some more stretching and Abs workouts for another 30 minutes.

Today, I felt motivated by an abdominal machine called, Bosu, which apparently helps support the core muscles. Utter joy! This is my all-time favourite machine. But you won’t believe it took me about 2-3 weeks to get accustomed to it but the health benefits are great.

To sum up my regular weekend workout, I went off to my Pilates class for some less strenuous workouts. Pilates classes is a slightly different from the gym exercises in that it is normally tutor led and there is a lot of stretching involved but having said that, it can be quite challenging as well. Can’t imagine a week without Pilates because it also helps me tone.

Can be quite daunting without group exercise classes though, because I get a lot of motivation working out around friends and interacting with them. Hoping to stick to this regular weekend workout and with some new ventures in 2014 .

I’m now looking forward to my next fitness class, taking place soon.