Not a day goes by without someone distressed about sleep depravation either because they’ve had only four hours sleep, broken sleep or gone to bed late. It doesn’t matter what time they call it a day, it’s still difficult to switch off. It’s the most discussed topic I’ve been involved in daily. It’s not just a problem faced by the elderly; children, young adults and adults alike all go through this dilemma. 

Although I can understand that parents with young children are woken up periodically during the night by the cries of their young ones.

Getting enough sleep could be one of your best feelings; we could possibly get so much satisfaction out of it. Some of us survive on five hours, while others on eight or even nine. A Nocturnal will have a different sleeping pattern due to night shifts or other reasons.

Beauty sleep

If you’ve slept well the night before, you are likely to be alert and lively during the day whereas insufficient sleep will leave you feeling cranky. My brain works well after a good night’s sleep. We function better and time is saved.

Needing to catch a flight in the early hours means sleep will be lost but this can be recovered on the flight if you are able to.

Get a good night’s sleep

Being in a hectic job, like a newsreader, which is in full view of the country or the world at large, must be challenging – how will you keep your eyes open during the day? I guess these professionals just need to retire to bed early.

Researcher’s recommendation

Poor sleeping patterns could have an impact on cholesterol levels, body weight and our metabolism.


Leaving technology completely out of your bedroom is paramount, including mobile phones! I have started to take action on this. Turn tablets, X boxes, PC’s, TV’s and Play stations off before bedtime and make sure they are not in your room in the first place. Getting children to follow these gentle tips is good practice and there will be a limited chance of being tempted to use them.

Keep lights dim, stick to a set bedtime and comfortable room temperature. Bedrooms need to be treated as they are.

Keep your room airy and spacious if possible by clearing out clutter to allow you some breathing space. Items that haven’t been used for a year or two are probably not needed. Pass them on.

What works for me:

Read an interesting magazine before nodding off.

Soaking in a hot bath at least one hour before.

Exercise before dinner.

Have a healthy dinner by seven o’clock if possible.

Have a hot chocolate or milky drink (Not ideal if you are Lactose intolerant).

Do you struggle to fall asleep, wake up too early or have broken sleep? These sleeping patterns can be disruptive to your lifestyle. How do you combat this problem? Feel free to drop me a line as always.

PS: This blog post is not a medical recommendation!