The Best Ideas For A Wellness Staycation In 2020

Man lying on blue and white textile

Man lying on blue and white textile 

This year has been a stressful time for many of us who have had our lives restricted due to the pandemic. It has been for good reason however many of us feel like now we are in need of a holiday or some freedom to travel. As the restrictions are starting to lift in many places and with some extra care we can start to visit the beaches and forests nearby.

Here are some more ideas for how to bounce back from lockdown as we head towards the autumn.

City Sanctuary

If you need a quick break that feels like a holiday without leaving the city or interrupting your life too much you might consider an urban wellbeing centre such as Porchester Spa, near Paddington. This is not the only one of its kind, others can be found throughout the city, and in other cities too.

It’s located in a beautiful listed building that’s been refurbished with new tiles, glazed doors, and period shower rooms. The facilities on offer include steam rooms, saunas, plunge pools, relaxation lounges, therapies, swimming pools and gyms. You can go as a one-time guest or sign up for a monthly membership. Excellent wellness for money.

Wild Island

Do you want to escape from it all without travelling too far to do it? The good news is that the UK offers some of the most remote and beautiful locations to do just that. One of these places is right up in the north on the Hebridean islands. It’s quiet, the landscape is stunning, and there is plenty of wildlife to see and nature walks to try out. Getting out of the city and into the wilderness is probably the best therapy you can find, according to Bluesky Psychology and it only costs the price of an Airbnb. If you’re feeling a little more inspired you could go on a retreat up there or try out a poetry or writing workshop.

Mindfulness and Wilderness

The mindfulness and wellness movement is in full swing and for good reason, who doesn’t want to spend more time appreciating the value of nature and your immediate surroundings. Retreats are an excellent way to practice your mindfulness, get creative, and, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Try out The Grange, a country house in Shanklin, or Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat centre in Scotland. There are many courses in art, mindfulness, and creativity to get your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing back in balance.

A Wellbeing Festival

If you prefer your retreats to be a little more active then a wellbeing festival could be the thing. These small festivals are cropping up all over the country and offer beautiful locations, woodland meditations, fireside music, and a range of interesting workshops.

Spring Glow 2020 is an event for women, which is located at Fforest Camp near Cardigan. This festival is small and hidden away but you discover it then you will be pleasantly surprised.

Right now I’m contemplating whether to venture out on a Spa retreat within a Forest trip like Centre Parcs or a beach trip with a Spa included.

Now that some travel restrictions have been lifted what is your best idea for a wellness staycation in 2020? Drop me a line as always. Create memorable trips.