Why You Should Try Strength Training

Every single time you choose to exercise, you’ll be torn between whether you should go for a walk, indulge in a little cardio or head to the racks in the gym and do some strength exercises. The reality is that your workout routines should always include strength routines in them. Our muscle mass increases as we convert fat and the more you workout in the weights section of the gym, the better off you will be.

Resistance and strength training is going to help you to improve your endurance. With the right training in the gym – or even at home – you can ensure that your body begins to be conditioned into how you want it to look. You can ensure that your strength training makes you feel good, makes you look good and you can start by getting your own dumbbell set. You have to start somewhere, even if that does mean starting small. There are many benefits that strength training has on our health, and below, we’ve got a few of them listed for you.

Why You Should Try Strength Training

Why You Should Try Strength Training

1. You can improve your bones and muscles

Whether you are lifting weights or doing a shoulder press, you can really improve your strength by training all of your muscles. Calling in the help of a professional to train you on how to safely use weights is important, and as we begin to lose muscle mass from the age of 30, strength training will help you to improve this instead.

2. You can lose fat

Strength training is going to help you to lose the excess fat from your body and you will be able to improve on your weight and how your body feels as a result. You will be able to reap the rewards of your efforts in strength training. 

3. You can improve your posture

The more we train our bodies, the better you can sit upright, stand well and carry your body. Strength training has been positively linked to fewer issues with your posture and, as a result, you will have improved balance, posture and coordination. Your posture will be much improved with the right strength training routine.

4. You’ll have such a mood boost! 

There’s nothing like the feeling of being accomplished when you are using weights for the first ever time. Your mood will be elevated by endorphins ricocheting through your body and you will sleep better as a result!

5. You will burn a lot of calories

Lifting weights will really help you to burn calories – even more so than cardio exercise. The tougher your workout, the more your body will burn calories after the strength training is done. You need to think about how much energy you will use in a session, and then you will notice the fat loss dropping off you!

6. You will improve your heart health with added strength training

Regular strength training will help with symptoms of hypertension and heart disease. Your heart is a muscle, and the more you workout, the better you will feel on the inside as much as the outside.

Do you add strength training to your workout routine? Drop me a line or two as always.