How to stay safe cycling

Although there have an increase in the number cyclist having accidents in London, Cycling still remains a popular means of travelling. In spite of the ongoing controversy about the safety of cycling, it hasn’t put people off.

It’s easy to become hooked on cycling and tricky putting your bike down.

Here are some of the ways to stay safe Cycling:

1.  Stay positive

Make a decision well in advance about your directions and use signals.

2.  Remain visible

Stay within the correct lane and avoid swerving from one lane to the other. Buses and large vehicles might not see you.

 3. Make sure you buy cycling accessories

You are going to need a well-fitted helmet, a bell, a lock, visibility jacket and a pair of cycling gloves. We sometimes see people on bike without the proper accessories, even on a foggy day.

Accidents happen simply because some cyclists think they are untouchable, you know, they think nothing can happen to them once they are behind the wheel. Wrong! The head is the most exposed part of the body that can get hit by a fellow cyclist, a vehicle or worse, a cyclist could run into a pedestrian. It could be worse. Ignorance is not an excuse.

It’s coming up to autumn and the dark evenings start to roll in. A visibility jacket is likely save your life so wear one.

4. Get familiar with your bike.

It’s all very well wanting a bike or owning one. It’s simply no good riding a bike if you don’t know your saddle to your gears or breaks. Do you know there is a front break and a back break? Get to know the parts of your bike as soon as possible.

5. Mot your bike before riding it.

If you’ve just bought your bike make sure the retailer checks it over before you hand over your cash. If you haven’t used your bike for a while, take it to the bike doctor for an MOT check. It could save your life.

6. Enjoy the health benefits and start riding.

Cycling makes up for part of your daily cardio exercises. But before even  thinking about getting on that bike, make sure you warm up and do a few stretches to get the circulation going. Did you know that without a gentle exercise, you are likely to pull a muscle.

With proper education, it is possible to cycle safely, but remember to read the Highway Code and remember these handy tips to get you going.