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10 Interesting Facts In A Quiz About London Part 2 Big Ben Phone cover

London has the advantage of having many places for walks; Watersides, the Thames and Canals all provide places for this pastime. Most of these places have flat terrains and comprehensive travel guides to help you choose suitable routes to follow as well as scenic views. Along the way, it’s inevitable not to spot iconic landmarks and bustling streets. Here are 10 interesting facts in a quiz about London  Part 2, with the answers as promised:

You’ll be glad to know the answers of the questions from my last post and the first 2 participants will get the chance to feature on one of my upcoming posts. Congratulations to Harleena Singh and Janice Chung! 

1) In August 1949, what did a flock of starlings do to Big Ben’s clock?

  1. Build their nests on the hour hand
  2. Cause it to catch fire
  3. Make it lose four and a half minutes

The answer is C. Can you imagine London standing still for this amount of time?

2) What did the Victorian clergyman say the construction of the underground would do?

  1. Turn him into Satan
  2. Disturb the devil
  3. Condemn the workers to hell

The answer is B

3) How many steps does 30 St Mary Axe, affectionately known as the Gherkin, have?

  1. 377
  2. 1,037
  3. 2,450

The answer is B. It’s a long way up the Gherkin!

 4) Why were the top-level open-air walkways of Tower of Bridge closed in 1910?

  1. They were haunted
  2. They became a haunt for prostitutes
  3. To deal with rat infestation

The answer is B

5) What is the nickname of Waterloo Bridge?

  1. The Ladies Bridge
  2. The kids’ bridge
  3. Harry’s Bridge

The answer is A

6) During Christmas 2004, what was the Millennium dome used for?

  1. A huge car boot sale
  2. An ice rink
  3. A shelter for the homeless

The answer is C. I actually thought it was used a an Ice rink

The Houses of Parliament

10 Interesting Facts In A Quiz About London Part 2 The Houses of Parliament

Sculptures in Moorgate

10 Interesting Facts In A Quiz About London Part 2 Sculptures in Moorgate

7) Which London Street is the only one in the UK where vehicles are required to drive on the right?

  1. Savoy Court
  2. Oxford street
  3. The Mall

The answer is A. I noticed that it’s a short road that won’t accommodate that many vehicles.

8) From where does the name Soho derive?

  1. From the 17th Century hunting cry
  2. From a Royal greeting
  3. From a 17th century town crier

The answer is A

9) Where was the Royal collection of exotic animals kept before becoming the basis for London zoo?

  1. Buckingham palace
  2. The Tower of London
  3. Buckingham palace

The answer is B

10) Approximately how many umbrellas are lost on the underground each year?

  1. 40,000
  2. 80,000
  3. 100,000

The answer is B. Who would have thought of this figure.

The City is rich with history and new events with historical facts emerge daily. Let me know if you’ve got any historical facts to share.

Source: London let’s get quizzical by Gwion Prydderch