5 Advantages Of Renting A Holiday Apartment

In the modern world of travel and holidays, hotels and Airbnb seem to rule the roost. They offer the best of both worlds, great service and great convenience. But some travel parties want to explore in their own time. They don’t want to obey hotel curfews or private room rules. They should want to go about their business, in their own time. This is why a holiday apartment is so popular. It makes everything stress-free. You can decide what you want to eat, when you want to explore, when you feel like going to bed and no one can tell you what to do. Here are 5 advantages of renting an apartment, while on holiday.

Space to yourself

You may think that going with a hotel room is much the same in terms of space but it’s not. You won’t have a kitchen or a balcony, or perhaps your own bathroom. Many times, an apartment will have it’s very own view that overlooks a city or the rural area. Hotels are placed in the centre of cities, so they are accessible to all. But an apartment can be situated wherever you want and give you your own space to do what you want.

Privacy is key

The key selling point for an apartment is, privacy! A hotel might be conceived so others can peer into your room from a greater floor. Or you may be disturbed by the housekeeping staff and told to leave for 30-minutes or more while they do their thing. With an apartment you can come and go as you please.


Positano Italy

Positano Italy

Locational advantage

These Holiday Apartment Rental options are an example of how advantageous having a good location is. You don’t have to hire a car or even use public transport to get to where you need to be, if you are close to or in the inner zones of a city or town. Some small towns don’t even have hotels, they instead rely on apartment buildings. So, towns that have great attraction and sights but not a lot of accommodation options, allow those looking for an apartment to get a great locational advantage.

Usually cheaper

It can depend on the apartment, but most of the time it will be more affordable than a hotel room. Again, location matters but you can expect an apartment with 1-2 bedrooms to cost half if not less than a hotel room for the same size would. The cheaper costs mean you can spend more on the things you want to do and perhaps, stay for longer.

Holiday makers in Sorrento

Holiday makers in Sorrento

Living like a local

You aren’t shut off from the public as you would be in a hotel. You get to live as the locals do, immersing yourself in their culture and having an authentic neighborhood experience. When you wake up in the morning, you can smell the espresso being brewed and drunk down below, or the hustle of footsteps on cobbled streets, etc.

Sometimes it’s good to go to a hotel and be pampered with room service etc. But renting an apartment comes with a whole swathe of advantages that you wouldn’t get with a hotel experience.

When my children were school age, I always preferred an apartment and still do because of the flexibility. So what’s your preference? Drop me a line or two as always. Create your memorable trip.