A Charging point in Central London

A Charging point in Central London

Driving an electric vehicle is environmental friendly, but expensive to run. There are already around 1,500 charging points in the UK and although they are not widespread in London, it is predicted that there will be more in the capital by 2020. So, would you buy an electric vehicle?

The advantages

  • Charging points provide easy steps to follow: 

  1. Vehicles are powered by batteries.
  2. Charging points must be compatible with your vehicle.
  3. Reserve a charging station.
  4. Charge your vehicle.
  5. Then drive off.
  • Reduction in Carbon footprints.

  • Why choose an electric vehicle anyway? You can charge it at home (on your street) or at work without the need to refuel at a petrol station.

  • Charging has become more feasible.

  • Free parking is available in some areas like Westminster for electric vehicle owners.

    Francis Street in SW1

    Francis Street in SW1

  • Some car companies are even working on the technology to make cars charge on the move!

  • Manufacturers are making sure batteries last longer.

  • No congestion charge.

The downside

Some electric vehicles cost more than those that run on petrol or diesel, but there are initiatives in place to overcome this cost, like free parking slots in some area of London.

Charging time is lengthy as opposed to the minimal time spent on refuelling vehicles that run on petrol or diesel, because you can easily pop into a petrol station and refuel.

It’s claimed that the demand for electric vehicles will increase by 2020. But as there aren’t enough charging points at street level, the question is: What will happen if a vehicle suddenly runs out of electric and if it does, how quickly would you be able to track down a charging point?

We’re not all convinced that buying an electric vehicle is a sensible choice, simply because or our concerns about running out of electric and the limited access to charging points. But this is a gradual process. A way forward is to roll out more charging stations and reduce the cost of electric vehicles to attract more customers.