journeywithbola 1 year 2015

journeywithbola 1 year 2015

Did you know it all started a year ago? It’s my Blogversary! Can’t believe went live on the 7th of May 2014, with so much speculation about when to launch and not knowing what to expect during the journey. It’s seems like only yesterday! I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to educate and inspire people, meet some amazing bloggers and writers; travelled, attended conferences (including #TBEX 2015) and improved my writing skills.

I’m utterly grateful for your support for my blog – all my readers, followers, subscribers, designer, educators and Social Media consultants for your invaluable support!

To celebrate the anniversary I’d like to share some memories. Here is my first post:

Walking in Northwick Park London

Northwick Park in North West LondonI’m always stumbling upon hidden and quite places. Always longing for serenity. Walking is one of my favourite past times. Can be a great way to work out and there isn’t a fee to pay.My recent walk in the fields of Northwick Park in North West London was such an eventful day out. It had an enormous open space and had a glorious autumnal picturesque view to it.Could hear the wind gently blowing and leaves rustling.Thankfully I had worn a sensible pair of walking shoes to help me in my travels, a light anorak, a sandwich, a bottle of drinking water, and a pair of sunglasses to protect my eyes from the glaring autumn sun.Walking in Northwick Park marked the beginning of a few my autumn walks and it turned out to be fabulous way to get around.

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What’s your favourite post?

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