Now that Christmas is in full swing and shops are full of shoppers searching for gifts. It feels like the shops are closing down for good.  

Why are those aisles and Christmas markets full to the brim and why do people stock up only to through unwanted items away or pass them on?

The hustling and bustling is short lived! But all those decorations and lights are simply spectacular!

The Southbank Centre

A trip with friends to Southbank Christmas market

Christmas Market

What really puzzles me is that there is such a crazy rush to buy items and soon after, the novelty of having them soon wears off. But I guess we can’t all get the time off work for seasonal shopping. For some, those purchases just have to be done at the very last minute!

One of my favourite tips is to buy your gifts before the season has started. Budget permitting. On the other hand I have found myself doing last minute shopping.

A display of coasters 

Shopping on Christmas Eve might not be a great idea either as shops and roads are likely to become chaotic.

Just Stars

Handy tips on how to give a helping hand this Christmas

Shop online if you can. It’s much more convenient and stress free. People always tell me how they prefer to feel and see the product they desire before buying it and how it makes a huge difference buying a product from a shop.  

A Candle stall

Suggest a budget for family members and friends to avoid going overboard.

Underbellys Christmas market Southbank

Sightseeing Christmas lights in London

An Angel flying over Regents street

Give! Give! Give!

Give a helping hand this Christmas.

The season is not all about turkey, Brussels and mulled wine. How about joining a charitable organisation. Make up and give out food or toiletry hampers to the less privilege, like the homeless. You don’t need to invest in baskets. Simply use shoe boxes and fill them up with goodies.

Let’s not forget that for some, Christmas is that time of the year that brings back unpleasant memories. 

Feed orphans or children less privileged.

Volunteer to work with your local church for cold weather shelter, local food bank or a charity like CRISIS


Visit a neighbour or an elderly person and listen to their stories or share yours.

Drop donations to your local hospital if possible,.

Read more about Christmas here.

Go out to town to see the Christmas lights.

Would you help people this Christmas or prefer to indulge in the festivity? Drop me a line or two as always.