2018 resolutions

Do you intend to be a goal setter in 2018? If you do you will be adding structure to your life. Look back at 10 things, behaviors, mistakes, etc. that you disliked doing last year knowing that you would definitely not want to repeat these actions in 2018.

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How To Make Your Objectives Achievable In 2018


Be clear about your goals, eliminate clutter and keep an eye on your precious time. January isn’t always the best time to start resolutions. It’s a matter of choice as you can make them anytime in the year. Spring is a favourable time as well, after all it is a season of new beginnings with longer days looming, birds chirping and more time spent outdoors.


Be determined that no matter what, you will carry out your planned goals.


Just keep going if you have to, even when the going gets tough. Look out for motivational websites to fuel your engine.

Associate yourself with like-minded souls. That’s what I’ve done.


Remember that it’s the doing that will get you off your feet. Simply saying “I will” without action is pointless.

You can be apessimist by Lucy MacDonald

Read one book each month then pass your finished book to a friend. It will increase your knowledge. The book I’m reading right now is You Can Be A Pessimist by Lucy MacDonald.

I intend to complete my reading by the end of January and continue to be a pessimist as much as I can in 2018. one of the best ways to make this goal achievable is to gravitate away from negatives towards as many positives as possible.

Give back by and make this world a better place.

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Big Ben under renovation in London

Travel if you can. It could well be within your locality of beyond.

Avoid procrastinating, it’s the biggest set back and is likely to stop you achieving the goals.

Rest well and avoid burnout!

Do you set goals, make New Year resolutions or just play it by air and run with the flow? What can you do differently this year? Make a difference in 2018. As always, feel free to leave a comment. Happy New Year! 🙂