How To Overcome Indifference

In the light of the George Floyd case which has affected some of us emotionally, one of the ways forward is to enforce change not only by posting on social media but by actioning our thoughts. There is still a long way to go before we experience less racism let alone  complete eradication. There will always be prejudice around us but we can learn how to overcome indifference, how to manage this and become tolerant towards people who don’t have the same skin tone, mannerism, upbringing, social status, educational background and financial status.

Black people experiencing racism should be in a position to voice their feelings and  opinions in a non-judgemental way and be in a position to break the silence without being oppressed. We need to continuously stand up for what is right, fight the wrongs of this world long after the placards have been dropped.  

Let’s look for Pathways to change

There are a whole range of ways to make changes to indifference. Among them are:

  • Reflecting on ourselves.
  • Peaceful protests if you are this way inclined.
  • Political pressure.
  • Educating ourselves through reputable journals from the archive at Black Cultural Archive, reading books based on black history, movies, blogs, videos.

The book I’m reading right now


Of Africa By Wole Soyinka

Of Africa By Wole Soyinka How To Overcome Indifference


Of Africa By Wole Soyinka Blurb

Of Africa By Wole Soyinka Blurb





Believe me there is so much history out there, some of which I am not even aware of.  We need to introduce more black history into the classroom and make everyone aware of black history.

  • Empathise.
  • Real education must start at home and especially during a child’s formative years. I shared this book, Our Roots with my children at an early age to help them understand their roots and history.
Our Roots by Tayo Fatunla and Yvonne Taylor

Our Roots by Tayo Fatunla and Yvonne Taylor


Our Roots by Tayo Fatunla and Yvonne Taylor Blurb

Our Roots by Tayo Fatunla and Yvonne Taylor Blurb How To Overcome Indifference


In my experience, everyday racism looks like this:

I was held up by officials at Gatwick airport en route to Costa Brava in 2016, Spain because my hair was plaited in cornrows. They scanned my freshly plaited hair thinking I had weaved something in to the individual plaits. I was not in a position to undo my fresh hair.

My Shopping is somewhat uncomfortable when walking down the shopping aisles because I’m being watched. I always make my hands visible to avoid being accused of stealing.

I smile even when suffering so as to avoid being labelled a trouble maker.

What other ways can we educate ourselves about black history? Drop me a line as always.


~~I’m using my platforms to educate and inform in a peaceful manner~~