‘Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble on one thing while in pursuit of something else.’ – American mystery Novelist Lawrence Block

Trafalgar Square London. Happy New Year


Consider why travelling is likely be beneficial to our wellbeing in 2019:

Travelling makes us interesting people, as there is always a place to talk about. Someone once asked me how to strike up a conversation with people. One of my responses was to ask the about places they have visited then continue the conversation from there.

It takes you away from your comfort zone and disconnects you from the daily rat race. There is always a chance of returning from your trip and appreciating your home much more than before you went away.

At the Mall

The lifelong memories of those destinations are likely to stay with you, whether good or bad.

Travelling will also make you appreciate and respect other cultures, leaving cheerful and less ignorant.

Our happiest moments as tourists are when we see a place with fresh eyes.

Lions in the square





Overall, travelling opens the eyes and educates.

So what would you say about your journeys? Do you intend to travel this year and if so where to? Drop me line as always and I hope you decide to take that trip this year. Safe travels for 2019.

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