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Welcome to my website where you will find a showcase of my articles and images reflecting various journeys in life, through my thoughts, ideas and creations. I hope to inspire you with my travel experiences as goes live! Come into my world!

My life has been through many phases and I’ve travelled to many places, more than any one Blog post can fill. So it all started from was when I discovered my passion for writing and travelling at an early age.

I’ve written Feature Articles mainly as a hobby and thankfully over the years, some of my articles have been published. Working in the telecommunications sector also inspired me to consider the dynamics of how the Internet works and especially what makes a website work. So I thought perhaps I could combine my desire to write and travel, with my desire to edit websites. It’s a culmination of writing, travelling and a passion for Internet publishing, accompanied with dedication, perseverance and sheer hard work that has brought this website into existence. In spite of many trials and tribulations, has become a website.

Thanks to family members, friends and a whole team of specialists who have consistently encouraged and mentored me and have never given up hope on