Visibilty band

visibility band

With the days shorter and the evenings much longer, we are likely to leave home in the dark and return in the dark and as a result, visibility is diminished. The streets are congested in London so children and teens sometimes travel in the dark and will need to be kept safe. But what can be done to keep them from danger? Here are 5 ways to keep children safe in the dark:

1. Place reflector stickers and visibility bands on their shoes (upper), bikes, bags, arms of their jackets and ankles.

Visibilty jacket

visibility jacket

2. Buy your child a visibility garment, like a jacket so that motorists and cyclists will see them when they’re walking along the pavement or crossing the roads. These can be found in reputable bike shops. I wear mine regularly and even on a cloudy day.

Front and Rear LED Twin Set

Front and Rear LED Twin Set

3. If your child is a cyclist, fit their bikes with efficient lights, like a front and rear LED twin set. You can also purchase one for their helmets and you also have a choice of setting them to flashing mode as well as leaving them on as stable.

4. Accompany them to school and back home.

5. Arrange for them to travel with a trusted travel buddy so that they don’t travel solo. Although this option might not always be possible.

Even though it’s the parent and carer’s responsibility to supervise their children’s journey, motorists and pedestrians should equally travel safely. Together we can keep children safe on the streets of London and they won’t be missed in the dark.

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