Preparing For An Active Holiday In Europe

While holidays with our parents mostly involved lounging on the beach or sipping Coca-Cola besides the pool, our modern aspirations are somewhat different. We still like the idea of a relaxing break. But for many of us, our only real chance to do any significant exercise is while we’re on vacation.

Active holidays, though, require a little preparation. You can’t go from doing zero exercises to spending a whole week skiing or cycling. There’s a certain level of fitness you need to achieve first.

In this article, we talk about how to get ready for an active holiday. Take a look at the following:

Practice The Movement

Cycling in London

Cycling in London


Practice movement with cycling

Practice movement with cycling

Whether it is a cycling holidays in the Netherlands or skiing in the Alps, it helps to practice the movement in advance of your trip. You need to train your mind and muscles to work in tandem to improve stamina and reduce fatigue.

Take cycling, for instance. There’s a big difference between riding your bike for fifteen minutes to get to the shops and trying to winch your way up a mountain path. Only people who have a decent level of fitness are going to be able to do it. For everyone else, it’s going to feel exhausting.

The same goes for skiing. Don’t underestimate how tiring the sport is on your thigh and calf muscles. It looks serene when you watch the pros, but it is anything but.

Keep Your Health Up During Your Trip

Active holidays are physically demanding. For that reason, it often pays off to eat well and sleep right for the rest of the time. Nothing is worse than facing an entire day of exercise feeling hungover.

Good food and adequate rest will also give your body a chance to repair from the punishment you’ve given it throughout the day. You’ll experience less soreness and be back on your feet faster than if you burn the midnight oil and eat crisps at every meal.

Get Insured

Get Insured

Get Insured

Activity holidays are also a lot riskier than regular breaks where leisure is the goal. For instance, you could injure yourself or lose your kit.

You should get travel insurance anyway, but it is even more critical for outdoor holidays. People often believe that they will get treatment from local hospitals for free if something happens. But that’s not true. Even public health services in Europe will send you a bill for treatment unless you have the right passes, insurance, and so on.

It’s best not to take the risk. Costs of medical treatment can run into tens of thousands of pounds. That’s not a bill you want coming through your letterbox any time soon.

Prepare Mentally

Finally, you’ll need to prepare mentally for what’s coming down the pike. Activity holidays feel different from regular beach vacations. You’re not there to relax – you’re there to work!

It’s worth spending some time getting used to this fact. The following Monday, when you return to work, you probably won’t feel refreshed. Instead, you’ll probably be glad for the break sitting back at your desk. If you’re in the UK or in another country remember to apply for a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) here.

I enjoy cycling in when I’m in Europe, which helps boost my energy. What’s your favourite active holiday in Europe or abroad? Drop me a line as always. Create memorable trips.