Tips For Travelling On A Budget


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Summer is practically here and that means vacation! You may be itching to get out of the house. Though it may be tempting to plan a trip spontaneously, using whatever resources you have now, you do not want to come back from your trip only left with enough money to eat peanut butter sandwiches for 2 months straight. Whether you are looking for rest and relaxation on a beach as soon as stay-at-home orders are lifted or you are looking for a taste of city life in an exotic country next year, here are some tips for travelling smart that could help you save money.  Tips For Travelling On A Budget:

Plan, Plan, Plan

Spontaneity is fun, but it is not always cost-effective. Unless you have an excess of time and cash to spend, planning your trip is a great way to make sure you are traveling smart. Figure out what you want your destination to be and how long you want to be there. From there, determine what you would like to do. It does not have to be this long, drawn-out play-by-play of what you will do as soon as you get there, but it is good to have an idea of what you want to do and how much those things cost.

Avoid Popular Dates To Travel

Taking trips during holidays and peak seasons can affect the cost of your trip. From the price of airlines to accommodations and food, the prices for these things can hike up. Do your research on your destination to figure out what is the best time to travel there and to either just before or right after that time. Airlines and hotels will lower their prices in the off-season as a way to attract customers.

A traveller heading to the gate at Heathrow Airport

Tips For Travelling On A Budget. A traveller heading to their gate at Heathrow Airport

Be Smart About Your Accommodation

Should you stay in an apartment in Marbella? Should you opt for an Airbnb? What about a hostel? This is why coming up with a travel plan is important. Depending on your travel plan and your budget, it will help you determine the smartest accommodation. If you are going to be out on excursions, maybe you only need a place to rest your head and take a shower in which case maybe a hostel would be cool. If you are looking for true rest and relaxation with minimal adventures, maybe a luxury apartment is a better option for you.

Be Smart About Your Airline

Now that you have your dates and accommodation figured out, you can confidently book your flight. Where your destination is can determine the cost of your flight, in which case you may want to look for budget flights that offer low prices. Be cautious of their nickel-and-diming, but it could save you a lot of money. If you can help it, book your flights ahead of time. This can ensure that you are getting the lowest price for your flight as sometimes the prices go up the closer you book to your departure date.

These few tips should help you go to the destination of your dreams without paying an arm and a leg. Drop me a line as always and share more tips as this list is not exhausted.