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My journey

A travel blogger, addicted to London and forever in search of hidden places, adventures events and getaways. I’m never too far from a pen and notebook to help journal my experience. I love educating people and making them aware of non-mainstream places in the capital.

On my website, you will find low-cost travel tips in form of Culinary, Hotels, Airbnb’s, Bed and Breakfasts, Maps and Travel Guides, People and Networking, Places and inspirations from my Life Journey.

As a Fitness enthusiast, I enjoy various activities no matter what the weather. Could be Pilates one day, to Gym workouts the next.

Currently based in London, U.K. and have been to various networking events, interacting with people and learning along the way.

Always stumbling upon hidden places in London and beyond, longing for serenity. Walking and cycling are without a doubt my favourite past times.

Journey with Bola is dedicated to my travel experience and it is my foray into the world of Internet publishing and I hope to inspire you.

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