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My journey

I am a Baby Boomer and one of the growing numbers of travel bloggers. A believer of wellbeing through travel. I write fortnightly to inspire and motivate women like me, who like exploring historical London and beyond in a fun, healthy and imaginative way. Travelling has helped build my confidence over the years.

My happiest moments are when I’m traveling, in the company of well-meaning people, my notebook and my camera to hand, journaling and capturing beautiful scenery.

A travel blogger, addicted to London and forever in search of hidden places, adventures events and getaways. I enjoy educating others and sharing my awareness of not so commercialised places in the capital. On some occasions you will find me sharing unique ways to experience London.

On my website, you will find low-cost travel tips in form of Culinary, Hotels, Airbnb’s, Bed and Breakfasts, Maps and Travel Guides, People and Networking, Places and inspirations from my Life Journey.

Journey with Bola is dedicated to my travel experiences and it is my foray into the world of Internet publishing. I hope to inspire you!

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