This is my signed copy of Managing on Nil Every Year by Barbara Anderson

This is my signed copy of Managing on Nil Every Year by Barbara Anderson

Barbara Anderson’s Book Launch event was one of the highlights of my summer last year. Why? Because I had the opportunity to meet an author/Financial Adviser, named Barbara Anderson. She has a fantastic business and financial acumen and a zest for life. And above all, a great believer in network marketing and helping people make the most of their money.

I’ve been to many networking meetings and I enjoy interacting with so many people and sharing my passions and interests. I’ve learnt so much from these experiences it is unbelievable. But back in August last year, I ventured out into what I believed was a financial clean-up session at a BIP Event. It was Barbara Anderson’s Book Launch. “Managing on Nil Every Year – How to make sure every Pound you Spend Makes Sense”.

Didn’t quite know what to expect at this market networking event, but I became increasingly inspired by the speech made by this lovely author and their publisher. I thought to myself, I just had to see this event right to the end. It was pretty much a Financial Advise Seminar as well. My aim was to learn a bit more on how to make my money work. Networking is one of the building blocks for businesses and so, the good thing about this event was that it was quite brief but packed with valuable information to share and a good deal of networking took place on this day too.

Met her publisher named Alex. He was so funny and easy – going, he could make a Dolphin laugh! There were lots of like – minded people at this event and that’s what did it for me. It was so difficult to leave at the end. Some attendees were just looking for business ideas or information about life changing ideas. The book launch was quite informative. My head was so full of information that I even felt I needed to be put all this information into various compartments. Wow what can I say!

The event taught me a lot about how to manage my finances in the 21st century because we live in an evolving world whereby nothing stays the same, so, as you can imagine, financial products change all the time due to the performance of the financial market. I learnt how to make use of Voucher Codes and how it’s possible to save money when shopping online.

Glad I got my hands on a signed copy of the book at the end of the book launch. I’m always referring back to it especially when I need a few money managing tips.