The joy of cycling

Cycling in town has become so popular that we no longer need to rely on our own wheels to get around. But this is an option. Riding Pedal bikes has been the first way to cycle for most but there is the option to hire an electric bike if you fancy getting around a lot quicker. There are 2 ways you can ride a bike in London right now.



They are great for getting around and you can get a work out squeezed in as well. I normally cycle this way but the main hurdle is that I need to lock it.


The Electric bikes for hire, on the other end of the scale are pedal assisted or powered solely by an engine. There is no need to carry locks around either.

Uber’s Jump e-bikes are pedal-assist electric bikes, which means the harder you pedal the faster you’ll go. To operate these bikes you will need to download the APP and set up an account. They have a built in GPS and locking device. But must be docked carefully and safely but are only available in some parts of London.

I’ve recently been looking out for one near me, so I could start pedalling and looking forward to venture out soon.


JUMP e-bikes by UBER are pedal assisted



London freebike



A selection of electric bikes neatly parked outside a building in Central London



Cycling with a helmet, visibility jacket and all the right gear is paramount



Ladies bike parked in a a public place



Cyclists in Central London



Bikes in Sorrento Italy




Check out more here.

Have you hired an electric bike in London or near you? Or would you prefer to ride a push-bike? Drop me a line as always.