4 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Boat Tour this Summer

Summer is an inspiring time and what better way to mark its onset than immersing yourself in the beautiful sights and vibrant scenes of London. These are unique to this time of the year. There are many great boat rides to choose from in London, so whatever floats your boat, you’re sure to find a something you like.

An opportunity to celebrate a milestone and bond with family and friends

Greenland Quay water homes

4 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Boat Tour this Summer. This is Greenland Quay water homes

It’s not often we take to the river by boat, so going on a boat tour is a special way to celebrate important occasions with loved ones.

An ideal time to head to the Thames is during the Canalway Cavalcade. This is a free, annual bank-holiday celebration of London’s nautical-dwelling communities along the Grand Union Canal in West London. About 130 water homes moor along the lovely route, which includes Morris dancing, real ales, trade stalls, children’s entertainment and live music.

If you’re looking to add an extra special touch, there are many cruises offering brilliant dining and drinks ceremonies or hire a boat all to yourselves and set it up just the way you want!

A brilliant way to enjoy low prices and see iconic landmarks

The Thames and Tower Bridge

4 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Boat Tour this Summer. The Thames and Tower Bridge

Summer is a great time to go on a boat tour because you get to enjoy nice weather, longer days, low prices and London in beautiful bloom!

Want to check out the best sights in London in a relaxed way? There are plenty of boat tours offering a way to see London’s most renowned sights. This includes The Shard, Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral, Houses of Parliament and Tower of London. Here you can sit back and take in the sights whilst escaping the zone 1 hustle and bustle.

Connect with nature

As the World’s first National Park city, with plenty of canals amidst parks and forests, London is a great place to explore by boat. With Summertime birdsong and pops of colour amongst the verdant greenery, Summer is the ultimate time to connect with nature.

Spot stunning daffodils, seas of lavender and idyllic bluebells. Even if you opt for a central London tour, you’ll see the stunning pink pom-pom cherry blossoms at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Drapey Weeping Willows, majestic Oak trees and colourful Maples add a wonderful backdrop to most routes.

As such a green city, London has plenty of wildlife. As well as Moorhens, Mallard ducks and gracious swans, you might even get lucky and spot the beautiful Kingfisher. On the furrier side, you could encounter Otters, Badgers, Water Voles and Stoats.

A cruise is convenient and relaxing

The Southbank in London

The Southbank in London

When cruising on the Thames through Camden or on Regent’s canal in Hackney you get to enjoy the city buzz alongside flourishing green spaces.

Immersing yourself in picturesque nature and listening to the sounds of the natural habitat and whirling water beneath the boat, is extremely relaxing and meditative.

With lots of different options on offer, from central city sights to serene scenes further north or east of London and West London’s Little Venice, booking a boat tour in London is very convenient.

Would you go on a cruise on the Thames this Summer? Drop me a line or two as always.