The Monument of The Great Fire Of London is a towering building in the city of London. The towering landmark stands along Pudding Lane, exactly where the great fire of London started in 1666. Did you know that the towering building was constructed between 1671 and 1677 as a memorial to commemorate the fire and to restore the city into its original state?

The Monument of the Great fire of London

How the fire started

  1. The fire started at a bakery and lasted four days and luckily not many lives were lost bringing most activities to a standstill. Some blamed the fire on the Catholic emancipation.

Viewing the monument

  1. Inside the 160 foot tall building are winding stairs with 311 steps with inscriptions of details of the fire on the North and south walls. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to climb those 311 steps and so I simply enjoyed the stunning view from a distance, learning some history as I went along. This might be more suitable for you if you’re not a fan of heights.

A view of the Monument from London bridge

      3.The building was initially used for experiments by the Royal Society but has now become a place of historical      interest. Luckily during the Second World War in 1939 to 1945, the masterpiece escaped significant damage like St Paul’s Cathedral but remained closed to the public but later reopened on the 13th of August 1945.

The Monument The very top of the tower


Brief history of the Monument


The Monument Inscriptions on the wall written in Latin


  1. Today the pillart is a tourist attraction used as a viewing gallery as well as an educational establishment. It even has a tube station named after it, known as Monument on the circle as well as District line.


  1. You will experience a panoramic view of London. Children are allowed access. But unfortunately there isn’t the facility for disabled visitors. Apparently planned measures are being put in place that will allow you to enjoy your visit particularly if you have mobility issues.

The Monument Admission fee breakdown but check for price changes


The Monument Price list. Check for correct price before venturing out.

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