5 Ways to Fight Off Post-Travel Blues

My holiday to The Algarve, Portugal. 5 Ways to Fight Off Post-Travel Blues

My holiday to The Algarve, Portugal. 5 Ways to Fight Off Post-Travel Blues

One thing that every traveler dread is the end of the trip. Whether you were gone for a weekend, week, month, or whatever, you’re guaranteed to have some post-travel blues. Post-travel blues is something that can affect everyone. It’s completely normal, even if you love your home and where you live it’s just a natural occurrence. Some symptoms include feelings of nostalgia, researching your next trip, lack of motivation, feeling bummed out, and even loss of appetite can occur. While post-travel blues can affect your mental wellbeing, it’s not often considered serious. However, it can last for weeks or months. These tips will help ease up the post-travel blues once your trip is over.

Take a break after your trip

Once you arrive home from your trip, don’t immediately get back to work or studying. Instead, take this time to unpack and unwind. It’s best to not throw yourself immediately back into a routine. Have a couple of days to transition. You can spend this free time just relaxing, catching up on sleep, or maybe getting around to things you’ve been wanting to do.

Keep yourself busy

If it’s the last couple of days of your trip and you’re already beginning to feel blue, it’s best to start keeping busy. Have something to look forward to every day. The final few days of your vacation should be busy, let the entire trip fill up with things to do. Staying busy will keep the blues out of your mind. Be sure during these last few days that you don’t neglect your body, allow yourself to do some stretches.

Get to planning

One of the best ways to cope would be to prepare for your next trip. This can be planning for a day trip, a weekend trip, or even your next vacation. Whatever it is, planning out things to do, and looking forward to your next adventure will help the time go by much faster. Keeping up the mindset of a traveler will help you fight off the blues. This can be something in your hometown such as taking a course, going hiking in a nearby area, or maybe going to a city that’s driving distance away for the weekend.

Search for deals

Planning and deal-hunting go hand in hand. Whether you’re looking for the next cheapest flight or a hotel deal that just can’t be missed, these are great ways to beat the blues. This also helps you put your mind at ease because you’ll feel like you’re in the travel-planning process.

Take care of yourself

If you’re still feeling blue, it’s important to understand that you need to take care of yourself. While we can’t always travel, it’s important to know and understand that during the off-time, it gives us a better chance to take care of ourselves. This includes going to Wahroonga Family Dental Centre, visiting the gym, going to a spa, or maybe getting a good night’s sleep (which often doesn’t happen when traveling). Take this off time as a way to take proper care of your body.

I always have post-travel blues just before the end of my trip. How do I fight it off? By avoiding unpacking my luggage (with the exception of food items), having a good sleep to help me recover and more importantly, having a two-day break before I resume back to normality.

Do you experience post- travel blues just as your holiday is coming to an end or after the trip? Drop me a line or two as always.