Olive  from Oval Famers' Market

Olives from Oval Famers’ Market

With traditional food shops in decline in some parts of London, it seems that more Farmers’ markets have emerged around London lately. Fresh produce is supplied by groups of farmers, who grow their crops in the countryside. You will find most markets open at the weekend but fruits and vegetables are not the only items on display. There are other interesting goods as well. Here are 6 facts you probably didn’t know about Farmer’s markets:

1. Fresh produce

Great for buying fresh produce (including organic), at affordable prices.

2. The convenience of shopping locally

There might be a markets up your high street, so if you’re lucky, there probably isn’t the need to travel via car or public transport to get to one.

3. Dedicated Farmers and Traders

Most Farmers are dedicated to their trade and are most likely to attend the market to sell their stock regardless of the weather.

4. Farmers’ markets are manageable

They are manageable and farmers get to know their customers.

5. Meeting points

They serve as meeting points for friends and family. Tea, Coffee, Breakfast and Lunch is sometimes served and children enjoy occasions like this too.

6. Variety

They are not only known for selling fresh produce – You will find fresh juice, herbs, poultry, meat, bread, cakes, pies, fresh soups, olives, clothes and Publishers promoting their books.

Here are a few markets you might wish to visit just in time for Christmas:

Stepney farmers’ market



Parson’s Green

West Hampstead


Notting hill

Swiss Cottage

London bridge

Pimlico Road



Oval farmers market

It displays a variety of stalls including:

The Pie Cart

The Pie Cart

The Pie Cart

Sells handmade gourmet pies.


Bokit'la Chicken on the grill

Bokit’la Chicken on the grill

Bokit’la are street traders specialising in cuisine from Guadeloupe. You must try their cuisines because it is absolutely scrumptious! Try the chicken bap with some salad, topped with a special sauce containing Scottish bonnet chili. Their tasty Table sauces contain special recipes (the spices range from 1-5, with 1 being less spicy and 5, very spicy!)

Table Sauce

Table Sauce

Bokit'la chicken in a bap

Bokit’la chicken in a bap

Peirene Press

Peirene Publishers stall

Peirene Publishers stall

Peirene Press is a publisher based in London, specializing in translating European books into English. Apparently some of the books have been translated into fiction and non-fiction for the first time.

So, if you haven’t bought your Christmas groceries yet, the market is somewhere to consider shopping as well.