A Panoramic View Of Madagascar

A panoramic view of Madagascar

A panoramic view of Madagascar – Mont Passot


What’s the first thought that comes to mind when someone mentions a magical place? Talking about a magical place, Mont Passot is one of the most popular places on the planet simply because of it’s stunning view. It is located north of Nosy Be on the island of Madagascar, which is around twenty kilometres from Hell-ville.

Mont Passot

Mont Passot is considered an essential place and makes Madagascar a unique place in the Indian Ocean. Thanks to its dream landscapes, adventure lovers will be absolutely satisfied. The view there is magnificent. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a superb sunset. You will live a unique moment that that will tempt you to take countless photographs.

Magnificent little blue lakes

Mont Passot is surrounded by magnificent little blue lakes. Rest assure, this location is attractive and you will no doubt have a great adventure with your loved ones. After a short hike, enjoy the fresh air around the lake and don’t forget your camera to capture those memorable moments.

So, if you are an adventurer, passionate about nature and unique landscapes, Mont Passot and the crater lake will surprise you. You will discover a magnificent view.

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