Have you passed by some colourful boxes behind the Elephant and Castle underground station recently? These boxes are units known that form The Artworks. These colourful units have been constructed from utilized and recycled shipping containers, arranged over three floors.

They are home to a blend of artists, creatives, producers, designers and retailers who are small and independent businesses. Teamed up together to form a community working in rented retail units, based at The Elephant and Castle, in South London.

Find out about activities at The Artworks:

Azawala African Inspired Art

Azawala African Inspired Art

  1. Visit Azawala art gallery/museum

    Azawala is a showcase of unique contemporary artwork, paintings and sculptures from Africa. The concept is based on African Inspired Art and their display of paintings and artefacts are a culmination of various artists from diverse backgrounds.

    Take a tour around the gallery and be prepared for some inspiration! The displays are breathtaking!

Tasty Jerk

Tasty Jerk

  1. Food and Drinks

There are a few dishes to choose, from restaurants that offer fresh and natural ingredients to prepare their food.

Try Tasty Jerk Takeaway. They make delicious Caribbean food and accept orders in advance. Their menu consists of Jerk chicken, fried fish, curried goat, oxtail, beef and vegetarian patties.

Pop in to the Long Wave bar and Café 

which is home to local artists and performers and evening entertainment.

The Café opens at 8am and serves Coleman’s coffee to help start your day.

Meet with friend for an afternoon coffee.

  1. The local retailers include fashion and technology and serve as an alternative to high street stores.

  1. Spark Vitality Hub

Provides treatment rooms for Core strength Yoga, Pilates and baby massage classes.

  1. Negative Space

A hub where Artists gather together to display and sell their work, get insights and connect as artists. The workshop encourages the use of Art to drag out the dormant creativity that lies within artists.

  1. Carnival Del Pluebo

Is an initiative that shares an understanding of Latin American heritage.

Since The Artworks opened in September 2014, it has grown from strength to strength. It is an enrichment to the local community and there are various events in the pipe line. Don’t miss out!

The Artworks