Image of Cala dor

Sunny day at the beach with coves.

Cala D’or Spain is situated in Majorca which part of the Balearic Islands. It  is without a doubt been one of my favourite holidays. Guess how long it took to get there? Roughly about 2 hours but then it took another one and a half hours to transfer to the holiday resort. But the journey was worth it.

What made the seaside in Cala D’or Spain different to others was that the beach was surrounded by Coves.

As expected, August in Cala D’or was quite busy and boiling but bearable. The resort had everything you could ask for. I had delicious cuisines daily and saw brilliant flamenco dancers in the evening. There were activities, excursions and various events every minute of the day accompanied with interesting people.

I walked for hours along the coves of Cala D’or night and day. Can definitely see myself going back there one day. Hope that day comes around quickly.