The British Museum is known to be one of the oldest museums in the world. It is situated in Bloomsbury, Central London. Like most museums in the capital, it offers free entry, although some exhibitions might incur a fee. The museum is ideal for those with curious minds who wish to discover the history of the Egyptians.





Interestingly the British museum is one of the largest in the world with the largest collections of artefacts.

Even though I’m not a stranger to this venue, I was so curious to learn about the past events.

During my trip there, I discovered that a huge collection of human history was sourced by the British Empire. No doubt there has been some controversy surrounding the artefacts on display. But make sure to soak up the history of the art and culture above anything else!

Lessons learnt

  • Ancient Portals have the ability to invoke emotions. This can be achieved by just touching the artefacts (only if allowed). Which means that the objects can bring back memories that we thought we had forgotten.
  • The artefacts can open up our inspiration by helping us to understand how the Egyptians lived during their era. ‘Think like an Egyptian’
  • Use your senses to understand their lives.
  • The greatest thing about the British Museum as you can actually be interactive.
  • Children can step out of their world and time travel.
  • We as humans need to know about past – a reason why I visited the museum because it brought history to life.


  • Always prepare yourself before you visit the museum, research the information you are interested in online.
  • Find out what you’d like to see because there are various departments and the museum is huge.
  • Avoid the crowds and get there early in the morning.
  • Take a packed lunch or eat at one of the cafes.
  • Planning ahead will save you wondering around.
  • You might want to book a guided tour or an audio guide.

I easily wandered about at my own pace, clear your head and reflect on how the Egyptians liked their lives. This suited me really well for once I was away from the fast-paced streets of London into the world of the Egyptians.


Have you discovered the history of the Egyptians at the British museum? Have you visited another museum with Egyptian artifacts? What did you learn? Drop me a line or two as always.