If you’ve craved for a new travel experience and finally get to live it, you will know what it’s like to tell a story or two about places you love. As you might know, London is a favorite city for many. Transport is a big deal for tourists and Londoners and if an Undergound line goes down, so will the other means of travel, like the buses and other lines.

DLR train

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is similar to the Gatwick shuttle service. These driverless trains are ideal for family travel as well as commuting to and from work or for great days out.

When I found out that the trains were automated, my immediate reaction was to ask how safe they are. Is DLR really a safe way to get around? I’ve very rarely heard about delays on DLR compared to other transportation. Although this is arguable!

A DLR train approaching Depford bridge

After interviewing some commuters about their thoughts, I discovered that, in spite of being automated, they are efficient, fast and reliable.

Why was the DLR constructed in the first place?

There was a need for this transport system in the city so construction began and in 1987 DLR began operation. The Docklands area of East London was the ideal part of the city for this transportation, which was in need of redevelopment

A few stations served by DLR trains:

From the south to Lewisham

DLR Depford bridge station in South London

DLR Depford Bridge with a view of a Canal

West to Tower Gateway

Bank in the City of London financial district

East to Beckton, London City Airport


DLR Stratford centre in East London

Woolwich Arsenal south of the river.

From the north to Stratford, which is ideal and quick for family days out to Stratford shopping Centre. It also links to some Tube stations like Waterloo and Canary Wharf and Greenwich which home to the O2 Arena where you will see the stunning view of London.


Has it helped commuters and families.

The beauty of the DLR is that it runs frequently and connects with some mainline stations. Families and seniors will also enjoy the rides as Oyster cards and Freedom passes as well as debit cards are all accepted for convenience.


My next stop is to board a DLR train to Greenwich. Which stop are you getting off at? Would you travel by DLR? Do you prefer it to the Tube, Buses or trains?