Framing Hope Picture Exhibition

Framing Hope Picture Exhibition

Framing Hope is a photography exhibition by Jillian Edelstein celebrating 25 years of fighting poverty with FXB International. When I went to Oxo2, little did I know that the venue holds various exhibitions. Remember the Garden Gate? Well, Framing Hope exhibition is just around the corner from The Garden Gate.

Another one of those London discoveries! Sadly, the exhibition is only running up to Sunday 31st August 2014, 11.00am to 6.00pm. It’s free and is based within the Oxo Tower Wharf, close to Coin Street. So if you happen to be in London in the next couple of days, look out for Framing Hope Exhibition and perhaps you can get there just before it ends. If not, look out for up and coming exhibitions for the future.

Framing Hope showcases the success stories of people from Burundi, China, Uganda, Columbia, India and Rwanda who have been touched by poverty and have seen their lives turned around by extensive work carried out by Jillian and FXB International.

From viewing the pictures displayed, it was evident how hope, persistence and support can bring people out of abject poverty as the images display stories of hope.

May be similar galleries will pop-up in the future and that we sail through life sparing a thought for those who are less privileged.