I went for a glorious Autumn walk in Myatt’s Field Park the other day and what a glorious day it turned out to be. Not done one of these walks for a long time. Just as well I picked this day because it turned out to be a sunny day with a gentle breeze to it.

Autumn in Myatt’s Field Park and in the U.K. signifies the end of the long warm summer days and marks the beginning of colder and shorter days but needless to say I’ve enjoyed my autumn strolls.

It’s not all doom and gloom because there is so much to enjoy this season, like autumn walks, visiting galleries, markets, and other numerous places. I’m never lost for things to do.

The park has enormous open space for cyclists, buggies, walkers, joggers, power walkers, and others to enjoy, but most importantly, Myatt’s Field Park has beautiful green spaces.

Watching the transition of leaves is so refreshing from green to yellow and for some leaves – red. Didn’t forget the Conkers, which I always make a habit of collecting each year.

No doubt the skyline had also changed since the summer.

The grass in Myatt’s Field Park was covered in thousands of crispy colourful leaves. Couldn’t step anywhere without trampling on a leave. It seemed like the trees in Myatt’s Field Park were having a new lease of life with hardly any leaves on them.

Was such a great way to end my day.