As an act of remembrance, I’ve gathered a few photos of monuments and statues that I discovered in different parts of London.

It’s worth remembering those who were called to sacrifice their lives to fight in the war. Soldiers from Africa and the Caribbean were also called to the Mother country to fight in the war.

Soldiers from Nigeria, Ghana (formerly The Gold Coast)  Gambia, Sierra Leone and other African countries were recruited to protect the borders during the First World War.


Tinworth Foundation Kennington Park


Visit the Imperial War Museum to find out more about the wars. 


Imperial War Museum



Cenotaph in Whitehall London


A Statue of a soldier



Imperial War Museum Entrance before the end of opening hours


A woman of war with her child


War memorial

War memorial in Stockwell London


Do you know a hero who fought in a war? Drop me a line as always.