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Street art Mural of Antonio Fratas (Huggy Bear) of Starsky and Hutch
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Street art Mural of Antonio Fratas (Huggy Bear) of Starsky and Hutch

If you’re looking for some visual inspiration, why not visit Shoreditch, Camden, Southbank or Brick Lane where there’s a display of murals on the side streets. One cannot help but question why artists have chosen these locations.  So how could you discover Street Art in East London?

London has a wealth of  creativity in Brick Lane. A street in East London within the borough of Tower Hamlets. Famous for the flea market which opens from 9 to 5 on Sunday but the shops in the area are open daily. It’s home to historical Bagel shops.

An ideal place for retro lovers and bargain hunters with stalls selling vintage clothing, antique items, bookstalls, bric-a-brac and unusual things, like camera repairs and even down to street food. Visit the galleries and cafes and especially the food market in the boiler room house and get some ready – made world food for lunch. There’s a rich diversity of products to suit most people’s taste as well and known to many as the place to indulge in Asian food. I heard that there’s even a vegan restaurant housed within a double-decker bus.

One of the most interesting things about the area is that in the midst of a busy market, if you happen to be walking along the lane, you will find murals and street art along the walls of the quiet side streets and it’s worth keeping an eye open for them. Let’s pay tribute to the artists who’ve taken their time to carry out the work in various weather conditions. Some can be found in derelict parts as well as open areas.


Experience these colourful visuals and don’t forget to have a camera with you to capture the stunning pictures.


If you don’t mind the crowd on a Sunday afternoon, then it’s a place to visit and

reminisce about good times after searching through vintage items.

Did you know that you could go on a street art tour in London?

What do your think about street art? Is it right for artist to display their work on building walls? Do you think it attracts people to the area. Let me know by leaving a comment.

Here’s a short quiz for you.

Where did Brick Lane gets it’s name from?

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