How To Keep Fit When Vacationing

You’ve been working hard to achieve your fitness goals, and finally, it’s paying off, but wonder how you will keep the calories down when on holiday. Understandably, the holiday season is a time to indulge, enjoy and relax without worries. However, rather than regret later when trying to get rid of the extra pounds, let your fitness and holiday goals go hand in hand. Here are some incites that will help you stay focused.

How to Keep Fit When Vacationing

How to Keep Fit When Vacationing

Eat Healthy Meals

When on holiday, don’t eat everything served to you but be more cautious about what you eat. Make sure to stick to healthy meals rather than calorie-filled takeaways. If possible, prepare your meals, which means you will be in control of your diet. To make this possible, carry some ingredients with you, such as pumpkin seed oil or check local stores where you can purchase what you need. The local market is an excellent source of fresh vegetables and fruits which you should take in plenty when on holiday. If you can’t prepare your meals, ask the hotel management to prepare the meals you want to eat.

If you have a heavy breakfast, eat less throughout the day, making sure you don’t eat more than your body needs. Don’t eat more than one heavy meal in a day.


Your exercise routine doesn’t have to stop now that you are on holiday. It’s only the venue, probably the intensity and types of workouts that will change. If your hotel or residence has a workout facility, aim to spend at least 30 mins in the facility. You can also check any gym facilities in the town if the hotel doesn’t have a facility. Another option is making google your friend and download different routines then workout from your room. Walking can also help keep you fit when on holiday. You will also discover new places, interact more freely and learn new things while keeping fit.

It’s best if you exercise early in the morning before your scheduled day’s activities. You may be too exhausted at the end of the day to even think about keeping fit.

Check What You Drink

It’s tempting to drink calorie-filled drinks when on holiday. When attending late-night parties, dinners, or clubbing control the number of cocktails, beers and sugary beverages you take. Take lots of water and carry a water bottle wherever you go.  You will be less tempted to drink sugary or carbonated drinks.

Have Fun

Don’t let your health and fitness goals take the holiday joy away. Although it’s important to check everything you eat, don’t be too hard on yourself. Understand that you need the time to relax, have fun and most importantly, reward yourself for the remarkable progress you’ve made in life. Don’t obsess over checking if you are gaining weight or feel bad because you had one or two cheat meals. You’ll probably still get to retain your desired weight from all the holiday activities such as swimming, trekking and walking.

Take time to plan your vacation and pack the things you need to keep your health and fitness goals on track. 

Be sure to choose a hotel with a gym, sauna, spa or outdoor pool to make sure you have a good workout and avoid calorie-filled meals. These ideas are how to keep fit when vacationing.

Do you have a workout routine when you’re on vacation? Drop me a line or two as always.