How to Travel Like a Local

In this blog post, we will be exploring the topic of travelling like a local. If you’ve ever been to a foreign country and felt overwhelmed by all of the tourist attractions and hotels, you know exactly what this is about! But fear not! In order to get off the beaten track in style, follow these simple tips!

#1 Find out where locals live  

This is important because it’s one thing to find out where tourists go, but if you want to experience an authentic side of your destination country or city, then it’s best to head in the opposite direction. However, before you can go anywhere, you need to get your documents in order – you can visit the site for application details in order to sort everything out as soons as possible. After that, ask around for insider information on how people really live their lives when they’re not catering for tourists. Get involved with available activities – The best way to do this is by asking locals what they like doing in their free time and then trying it out for yourself.

How to Travel Like a Local

How to Travel Like a Local – my daughters walking through a market near the beach in Positano

#2 Visit local markets

Whether it’s fresh fruit and vegetables or handcrafted goods, you’ll be sure to find something interesting. Don’t forget your haggling skills, either! Markets are always an excellent place to start if you want to get an idea of how locals shop for their weekly groceries.

Be respectful

This is very important. You don’t need to like everything about the culture, but it’s your job as the traveller not to insult or mock culturally relevant things in this country, even though they may seem strange at first glance. It takes patience, understanding (and sometimes diplomacy) on behalf of the visitor when visiting foreign countries where tourism isn’t always welcomed with open arms. However, know that most people will be thankful for you coming all this way so that they can show off their local area!

#3 Indulge in the local cuisine

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean that you should eat at your usual restaurant. That’s just boring! Instead, try out the local food scene and keep an open mind to new ingredients and flavours. This is also a great way of getting involved with locals because it will give them another opportunity to share their culture with you, this time through something as simple as a meal. 

How to Travel Like a Local - Travellers during our visit to Pompeii

How to Travel Like a Local – Travellers during our visit to Pompeii

#4 Explore hidden gems

If you’re looking for a local experience, then it helps to have locals show you around! This is the best way of seeing what’s been hidden from sight by most people. The buildings, attractions and even items that tourists never see will be fresh as ever to your eyes, so take full advantage of this opportunity! 

Finally (and perhaps more importantly), make sure that you stay safe when exploring these areas where tourism hasn’t yet reached its grasps, such as dark alleyways or remote coastal paths. Again, it pays off not trying to save money when it comes to your safety!

#5 Utilize public transportation

This is an excellent way to get around when you’re in a city that’s been catered for tourists. Not only will it save money, but it also gives locals the chance to show off their beautiful surroundings and hidden gems out of season! It might not be as glamorous or comfortable as staying in a hotel; however, if you want to see what real people experience on a daily basis, then this is your best option.

Just make sure that before jumping into any taxi or car service with a company that isn’t recommended by others, do some research first because avoiding tourist traps means knowing which local companies are trustworthy and have great reviews from other travellers just like yourself! If possible, always go through well-known travel websites such as TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

#6 Make friends locally

Don’t see your trip overseas as a way to get away from all of your problems back home. Instead, try and make friends with other travellers who are visiting the same place that you are by joining online forums or even social media groups dedicated to specific activities! For example, if you’re into hiking, find out which website has an active community in that area to connect beforehand. You’ll quickly notice how much more enjoyable these experiences become once you’ve got someone to talk to about your destinations and not just a lonely hotel room where you’re only talking to the walls!

Do you visit a country expecting the locals to understand your language or do you make an effort to understand theirs? Drop me a line or two as always.