Back HeathrowRecently the Airports commission recommended that Heathrow should be allowed to build an extra runway to cope with the ever-increasing air travel. So an inquiry has been conducted to question Heathrow’s capacity. Apparently it’s been struggling with the increase in travellers.

Would you say that this decision is favourable for the local community and air travellers? Is it fair to build an extra runway? Or is it simply unacceptable?

Heathrow is a huge employer in West London with over 100,000 people reliant on the airport for employment, who have signed up to back the campaign. 202 out of 300 top UK companies have their headquarters within 25 miles radius of the airport. Heathrow is already running on 98% capacity, hence one of the reasons why it is desperate for growth.

Surprisingly, over 72 million people fly through Heathrow annually and four out of every five UK long haul flights depart from it daily. Many passengers also transfer between flights, supporting those airlines flying to 185 destinations across 84 countries. Without these connections, direct travel will be non-existent. These are alarming stats!

Supporters of the expansion believe the project should be carried out at any price. But Londoners would have to decide whether they agree with this recommendation or not. Those that live within close proximity of the airport will be directly affected and some are backing the decision, as it will bring social and economic benefits to them. It is seen as an opportunity to grow. Learn more here:

Back Heathrow

Benefits the expansion will bring:

  • There will be a significant increase in the number of passengers travelling to Heathrow by public transport via rail, local buses and coaches which means more jobs will be created.
  • Reduced aircraft circle times. There might not be a need for airlines to circle for long, waiting to land.
  • Delays will also be reduced with few disruptions for passengers.
  • Less CO2 emission allowing for cleaner air.
  • An additional runway will ease congestion.
  • Once the Cross rail is up and running in three years time, passengers traveling to Heathrow from Central London, the City and East London will benefit enormously.

No third runway

  Drawbacks of the expansion:

  • If the recommendation is rejected, UK will fall behind other airports in the world and Heathrow will not have the capacity for increased travel, which means that passengers will be left with minimal choice.
  • Increased air pollution, hence poor air quality for residents and Londoners.
  • Increase in noise pollution from the surge in the number of aircrafts flying over London.
  • Congestion in the skies due to extra flights.
  • Congestion on the roads due to more passenger road journeys.
  • The cost of the expansion will be pushed on to the taxpayer.
  • Apparently, it could lead to competition amongst other airlines

So what’s your view on the expansion? Should it go ahead? Should homes be demolished in order to accommodate extra long haul flights? Should the government implement this recommendation? Is it fair that local residents should support growth and to build an extra runway?

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Back Heathrow