Little Venice 2.1.2Little Venice is one of those hidden spots, tucked away in West London. The unusual thing about Little Venice is that the canals are hidden away behind buildings and unless you know of the canals beforehand, you are less likely to know it is there in the first place. I just wanted to stroll along the canal that Sunday afternoon and what really stood out, was the beautiful scenery and the fact that it was away from all the rushing around. Such a great day out.

Regents Canal is endless and starts from Little Venice and runs all the way to London Docklands, so there was absolutely no way I could do this trip in one day. Can’t wait to continue this journey in the near future.

My journey that day started at Little Venice where I found out that it was best to get there in good time and to avoid queuing up for long to get on one of the Water Buses. Little Venice was the best place to be for a quite Sunday afternoon treat. It’s a must see.