Santander Bike

Santander Bike

I’m a cycling enthusiast and I cycle to and from work and sometimes locally two to three times a week, but I simply enjoy cycling as a hobby, as a means of transport and for leisure – It will give you that sudden burst of energy. The health benefits are surreal!

Not quite sure how I’ll live without incorporating this awesome sport into life. It’s also one of the many ways of giving back to the community as well as saving the planet – After all, it’s emission free!

Also, the weather has to be desirable before I get on my bike, hence I don’t really enjoy cycling in the rain. Nevertheless, some people find it an absolute pleasure to cycling in the rain. A bit like “singing in the rain”.

It’s also essential to understand the dynamics of your bike as well, in other words as a cyclists, make sure that you get to know how all the components work together – This is how I make cycling work in my favour and for safety purposes too.

In the spring and summer months, team up with friends and cycle locally around parks, stop for a chat, a bite to eat and a cup of tea. Join a cycling club and meet like minded people.

Also, the benefits of cycling can sometimes out weigh the arguments against its dangers. Aim to make pedestrians, other cyclists and motorists aware of what direction you are heading to – clarity and indication is key. To keep safe, especially during the dark months, wear a helmet and visibility gear. Happy cycling!

Watch this space for my next venture!