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Northwick Park in North West London
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Northwick Park in North West London

I’m always stumbling upon hidden and quite places. Always longing for serenity. Walking is one of my favourite past times. Can be a great way to work out and there isn’t a fee to pay.

My recent walk in the fields of Northwick Park in North West London was such an eventful day out. It had an enormous open space and had a glorious autumnal picturesque view to it.

Could hear the wind gently blowing and leaves rustling.

Thankfully I had worn a sensible pair of walking shoes to help me in my travels, a light anorak, a sandwich, a bottle of drinking water, and a pair of sunglasses to protect my eyes from the glaring autumn sun.

Walking in Northwick Park marked the beginning of a few my autumn walks and it turned out to be fabulous way to get around.

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