A group of swimmers

A group of swimmers

Did you know that if you get back into swimming or you’ve decided to just give it a go, you are more likely to commit to it? After all, the temperature’s rising. Sometimes we find excuses not to swim; It’s too cold outside, I’ve had a hectic day or I simply can’t be bothered. What’s yours? One way to start is to sign up at your local swimming centre or go further a field.

Swimming centre

Swimming centre

Essentials to keep in your swimming bag:

Just in case you decide to go for a swim at the very last-minute, don’t forget to pack:

  • Ear plugs for swimming

  • Swimming cap

  • Goggles

  • Dry swim wear

  • Toiletries

  • Flip flops

  • Towel

  • Moisturiser

  • Shampoo

  • Coins for the locker. Most accept £1 or 20p

Here are some key places to swim in London:

YMCA Club in Great Russell Street

This swimming pool is based in central London. Not only is it one of London’s hidden spots. It has a 25m-heated indoor pool. The club caters for all abilities with lanes designated for everyone, whether you’re slow, medium or a fast swimmer. We all get the chance to swim at our own pace.

The poolside is a relaxing place to unwind and reflect.

Ironmonger Row Baths

Also, based in central London. Apparently it was opened in 1931 as a public washhouse. It has a Turkish Haman, a top-lit ceiling and wooden benches. The centre has one of the few surviving baths left in London.

Oasis sports centre in Covent Garden

This is an open-air heated pool with a sun terrace and an adjacent indoor pool.

Apparently, swimming is free for over 55’s between 9am and noon Monday to Friday. Trouble is most of us are working during these hours!

Golden Lane Leisure Centre Barbican

A stunning roof top swimming pool that’s quite small at only 20m but compensates for this with its well-lit venue.

Your local swimming/sports centre

Outdoor swimming pool

Outdoor swimming pool

The Serpentine Lake

I recently discovered that there is a swimming club at this Lido and that its members meet around Christmas for a one-day race. However, from May to September the club is open to non-members from 10am to 6pm daily but only at the weekends and bank holiday during May.

You will experience swimming with Hyde Park ducks, rowing in a Hire boat and you will have the privilege to ride in a solar shuttle! The sun powers the shuttle, so keep your fingers crossed for a sunny day.


Tooting Bec Lido

Brockwell Park Lido

If you haven’t swum for a while, this could be the start and you don’t have to pause in the autumn or winter since indoor pools are heated in the cold seasons. Now is the best time to take up swimming.

It’s an exercise that works the whole body and children love it. Also, the bright evenings are an ideal time for swimming, straight after a daily routine to relax the muscles and aid sound sleep.

Let me know your favourite swimming pool or Lido.