A Photographic Story of a Sunday Afternoon. Riverside Cafe

A Photographic Story of a Sunday Afternoon. Riverside Cafe

If you’ve got a couple of hours at your disposal on a Sunday afternoon, you’ll be glad to know that London at the weekend has a distinct feel to it than any other time in the week. Is this because people are more in a relaxed state? This post is about a short but inspiring journey – A photographic Story of a Sunday Afternoon.

The great thing about this unique city is that whether you travel solo or in the company of others, there is plenty to see. You don’t even have to spend your money to enjoy the views it has on offer because sightseeing in some instances is free! I spent 2 hours doing this last Sunday without being bothered by those huge crowds and it was serene and refreshing to be part of the great outdoors. I highly recommend a stroll along the Albert Embankment where you will find Lambeth Palace, Pub boats, roller-skaters and people strolling.

Look down at the river Thames and watch the party boats, speedboats and the Duck Tours Bus (that transforms into a boat) sail by. Looking at a distance, experience the medieval buildings of the Palace of Westminster with Westminster and Lambeth bridges running parallel to each other.

How to get there

Here’s a short video of my Photographic Story of a Sunday Afternoon


Perhaps you are a visitor to London or just need some time by the river. Do you enjoy going for a quiet stroll or do you have other events to visit on a Sunday afternoon? Drop me a line. Enjoy your Sunday stroll.