Street Art images Southbank

Street Art images Southbank

Some time ago, Graffiti was considered as a form of vandalism and it probably still is, to an extent. But as years have passed, this expressive artwork has become increasingly popular as Street Art. Is street art and Graffiti the same?

Street Art images Southbank

Street Art images Southbank

Graffiti is regarded as artistry and if you happen to leave home without a camera, you’re likely to miss taking captures of images displayed along some streets, from Dulwich to Southbank, from Southbank to Brick Lane and beyond.

There is no doubt that we could find it offensive and in a way, disfiguring. Consequently, one can claim that people are expressing their opinion and ideas creatively, perhaps as a result of needs not being met or simply as a past time.

Unauthorised spraying of paint on public and private buildings is illegal and is known as vandalism, so permission will be required.

Although there is a need to clean up the capital, no one can deny that they haven’t been stopped in their tracks by the display of stunning images displayed on building walls, around rail stations or underneath arches.

It can be argued that some street art is immoral and unethical and whether people have the right to demonstrate these acts.

Even some forms of Graffiti can be displayed as thought-provoking statements while others are simply eye-catching.

There are positive benefits associated with street art like freedom of expression and we could see it as free street galleries by talented artists. Unfortunately, the downside is that some young people’s lives are endangered as a result of them climbing over live rail tracks. There is also the hard work of cleaning up spray paint.

Also, it disfigures pleasant-looking buildings but the big question is, do these artists get recognition for their work?

Although aerosol paint (spray paint) is convenient, is it safe to use and safe for the environment?

Street Art can be found in many parts of London, some in the open spaces and some not so obvious. We just cannot ignore the creativity of street Art and Graffiti.