The Baobab of Madagascar

The baobabs of Madagascar

The baobab of Madagascar

Mother of the forest

The baobab, also called “reniala” (“mother of the forest”) in Malagasy, is a centuries-old tree 100% Malagasy. There are eight species on the planet and six of them are endemic of the island. 

The baobab alone constitutes an important reserve of water which allows it to withstand extreme climatic conditions. That is to say that the baobab is a particular tree. Madagascar offers you the unique opportunity to see these giants of nature. We take you on a short tour from the North to the South of the island to discover them.

Endangered baobab species

On the northern part of the island are the most endangered baobab species: the Suarez baobab (Andansonia suarenzis) and the Perrier baobab (Andansonia perrieri). You can find them on the “Montagne des Français”, in the Ankarana National Park or on excursions to the outskirts of Diego.

A little further south, still to the west where Majunga is located, we see the African species Andansonia Digidata, planted around 1889 by the Antalaotse, Arabs from the Persian Gulf. Now, the tree reaches a circumference of 21.7 m.

Besides, the Alley of baobabs 20 km from the city of Morondava is the most photographed in Madagascar. Particularly photogenic at sunset or at dawn, it is a group of Adansonia Grandidieri which lines the road to join the Tsingy de Bemaraha.

From Morondava, the possibilities of seeing the baobabs are numerous on the axis which connects it to Tuléar. The Ambiky forest, in Morombe, is home to the largest baobab on the island: the “Tsitakakoike” with 27.3 meters in circumference. 




To finish this baobab-themed trip, visitors can leave Tulear for Anakao, one of the most beautiful beaches in Madagascar where you can relax. From there, you can visit the Tsimanampetsotse National Park, which is part of the Mahafaly plateau. The park is home to the oldest known baobab on the island: the “Grand-Mère” baobab, 1,600 years old.

When tourists come to Madagascar, they can choose the type of visit they want to do. It is possible to visit a variety of baobabs across the island for those who love plants and nature.

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